Our company considers the issue of environmental sustainability to be of paramount importance for both the company and the individuals working here. Therefore, during the performance of our activities and the operation of our plant, we take into account the enforcement of environmental sustainability aspects to the fullest extent possible.

Our factory has already been designed so that the building has several green energy solutions. A solar panel system has been installed on the roof structure, and the building is heated in part by a heat pump system and hot water radiant panels providing extremely favorable heating performance. Built-in doors and delimiters have thermal standards well above specifications.

Our previously implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and Industry 4.0 system allow us to operate our plant with minimal paper consumption. Our goal is to use paperless office solutions as fully as possible.

We use procedures that wholescale meet the legal requirements for the handling of packaging materials and waste. We collect waste selectively and ensure that it is properly treated and disposed of, and that we comply with our reporting and fee obligations. We always strive to achieve the most economical use of materials and to optimize our logistics procedures.

In addition to environmental sustainability, our goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment for both our employees and our guests. This applies not only to creating a physically clean but also mentally healthy work environment.

We believe that taking the above aspects into account is not only neutral in order to achieve our economic goals, but can even provide outstanding support.